Bavaria – Borussia. Bundesliga Open Final

On Saturday, April 6, in the 28th round of the German championship at the Allianz Arena, Borussia and Bayern Dortmund will take the lead. Obviously, the fate of the title will be decided in this match


  Bayern – Borussia D
Seven rounds before the finish, the gap between the leading Borussia and Bayern’s pursuing Bavaria is only two points. Ahead of a full-time meeting, and in any case the finish segment without the right to make a mistake. A unique picture for the Bundesliga for many years. Of all the top championships, the intrigue of similar intensity remains only in England, but there “Man City” and “Liverpool” have to decide the fate of the title in the correspondence struggle. In Germany, here and now the most important accents in the title race will be placed in a direct clash between Bavaria and Borussia Dortmund. In this case, each of the parties has obvious trump cards and every right to hope for a successful completion of the season.

Arguments for Bavaria

Perhaps the most appropriate word to characterize a team that won the last six national titles (usually with a large margin) retained the backbone and played a six-point lag after the winter break. Despite all the trials of the current Munich leaders in the current season, there is no doubt that the players of the caliber of Neuer, Hummels, Muller, Boateng, Alab, Ribery, not to mention – still capable of solving the most serious tasks, at least at the internal level.

It is not surprising that the bookmakers consider Bavaria as a clear favorite in a full-time confrontation with Dortmund: the stakes in the 1.5-1.6 area for the home win, 5.5 for the guests. Not so unequivocal, but also in favor of the Munich forecast in the dispute over the title: about 1.5 – to the “Bavaria”, 2.3 – to the “Borussia”.

Departure from the Champions League in the first round of the playoffs, mostly justified criticism for most of the season, the risk of ending the year without a single title – all this, of course, hurts the glory of the German grand. Niko Kovacs media permanently dismissed since September last year, a couple of times the fate of the coach really hung in the balance. The Croatian specialist was scolded for lack of flexibility, inability to change the strategy during the match, unjustified rotation, inept work with the leaders, in a word, for everything and at once. At the same time successful series of Munich was considered entirely merit of the stellar composition. There is some truth in this, but so simply “Bavaria” is still not head, and in the last segment, Kovacs will do everything to save face.

Probably the last season in Munich spend Robben and Ribery. If the Dutchman is injured, the Frenchman intends to win the ninth title for the Bundesliga and become the sole record holder of the tournament. There is something to prove to other former leaders. Boateng, for example, the German press is already wooed in “Hertha”, from where the defender moved to Munich


Bavaria – Heidenheim – 5-4. Goals and best moments
The form
After a sudden draw with “Freiburg” (1: 1) in the last round, “Bavaria” lost the first place to the competitor again, but before that won 13 out of 14 matches in the Bundesliga, lost only in early February to the transformed “Bayer”. Before the misfire with Freiburg, Niko Kovac’s team with a total score of 17: 1 destroyed the fairly strong Wolfsburg, Mainz and Gladbach. Such a pace and zeal were characteristic of the “Bavaria” of Josep Guardiola, but not Kovac.

It is obvious that by March the Croat managed to bring their players to the peak of the form. The latest results – a draw with “Freiburg” and an unexpected home thriller in the Cup with a representative of the second Bundesliga “Heidenheim” (5: 4) – say that the highest point of climb was left behind. On the other hand, “Bavaria” still reached the cup semi-finals, and in the championship is still in her hands. You just need to beat Dortmund.

Arguments for Borussia
Tactical flexibility
The Swiss expert Lucien Favre taught Dortmund to play differently than everyone else had used since the days of Klopp. Football “Borussia” has become much more prudent, counterattacking and arrhythmic, while retaining some of the company’s attributes – speed, high pressure, ability to carry out dagger striking attacks. You can arbitrarily say that the current season fell on the rebuilding stage of Bavaria, to support the argument with the disgraceful departure of Dortmund from the Champions League in the first round of the playoffs, when it was not possible to impose a fight against Tottenham. But all such conversations, as you know, are in favor of the poor.
Over 8 rounds before the end, Borussia leads the championship, and a draw at the Allianz Arena will suit it, provided that the finish line of 7 rounds will be able to pass without loss. And this, of course, is the merit of Favre, who had much more modest resources at his disposal than his counterpart Kovacs.

Depending on the situation, Dortmund successfully varied the schemes during the season – 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 4-4-2, compensated for the losses of the leaders, kept the level stable. In the November meeting with “Bavaria”, “Borussia” won a strong-willed victory thanks to tactical reconstructions in the course of the meeting, for which the opponent had no counterarguments (2: 3)


Borussia D – Bavaria. 3: 2. Goals and best moments

The only serious recession “Borussia” happened in February, when she lost a solid head start in a dispute with “Bavaria”, flew out of the Champions League and the German Cup. It seemed that once again giving a good start, Dortmund would end up with nothing, but in March they managed to pull themselves together. Segment of three victories in a row in the championship: the performance of Alkacer, the reliability of Witsel, the leadership qualities of Captain Royce, the almost forgotten universalism of Goetze – all this returned, as well as intermediate first place in the Bundesliga. Before the decisive battle, Borussia again believed in itself and gained a psychological advantage, leading the table.

Borussia D – Wolfsburg – 2: 0. Goals
Needless to say that such seasons as the current, when the “Bavaria” periodically reeling, in Germany will not? That today the Dortmund and Munich clubs have completely different financial opportunities. in terms of enhancing human resources? What a devoted patriot of “Borussia” Royce has long earned the title of Bundesliga? Dortmund has a real historical chance to win the championship, and everyone in the team is certainly united by a common idea. Before the realization of the dream remained a little bit.

The main match of the spring in the Bundesliga you can see on Saturday, April 6 from 19:30