How to analyze a football match?
Our strategy to succeed in sports betting on football

Through this article, we will share our tips, our strategy to succeed in your analysis on football and therefore analyze a football game because a good analysis is to increase its chances of winning sports betting!

There are many criteria that can be taken into account when analyzing a match. Thus, the analysis of a match goes from superficial to complete according to the number of criteria taken into account. The goal is for the bettor to use many criteria and especially those with a real interest. In summary, the criteria necessary to analyze a match are very numerous, I personally share them in three families: analysis of statistics, analysis of players and analysis of the situation.

The analysis of statistics, a determining factor to analyze a football match
Let’s take an example: AS Roma – AC Milan: What are we going to watch?

AS Roma: number of home victories, number of draws at home, home defeats, number of goals scored at home, number of goals conceded at home, home bats on possible points to make.

AC Milan: Number of away wins, 0 draws outside, number of losses away, number of goals scored, number of goals conceded away, points scored outside on possible points to take.

The good bettor must then weight and give common sense to these statistics, including other factors. For example, against whom were the matches won or lost? (place in the team standings, type of team play). Against whom were the goals scored or conceded? (place in the team standings, type of team play)

Player analysis, essential for analyzing a football match
Second very important point, check the players present and absent. For this, it is necessary to use the local and national press sites and the official sites of the teams.

The information to be found is as follows: Are there injured players, suspended players, players who will not play for another reason? Are there players coming back from injury or suspension?

When we have this information, we must as with statistics give them the right importance, who are these players? Are they important? Indispensable ? To see if a player is important several criteria come into play. We are interested in the number of minutes played, the number of games he held, the number of goals scored. For example, a player who has played 30 games out of 32 as a player is an important player because he is a member of the team.

The analysis of the situation, essential to analyze a football match
It takes into account different criteria, the form of the moment, the motivation of the team, the general situation of the club.

Form of the moment: What is the form of the team (what are the last 3, 5 or 10 results of the team)? It is important to try to understand the reason.

Motivation: Indeed, it is essential to know the motivation of the teams for this match. We must first understand the nature of the game. For example: a league match, national cup, European cup or friendly match and also if there is a bigger match very soon for one (or both) team (s). Then you have to ask the right questions. Who is this game important for? Does anyone really have to win it? A team already relegated at the end of the championship will not have the same motivation. A team that needs points for the title will have extra motivation. A cup match where the first leg ended 5-0 can not be analyzed in the same way as a 0/0 in the first leg.

The general situation: Are there internal problems in the club? Whether on the side of the management, the coach, one or players or the financial state of the club because it very often influences the performance of players and therefore the outcome of the game.

So, to conclude, analyze well will allow you to be more effective in your sports betting. At Today Free Tips, a team of experts takes care of you!