Bayer Leverkusen, willing to pay 25 million by Dani Olmo


Dani Olmo has become one of the sensations of European football. Since the Dinamo Zagreb has managed to capture the interest of several teams of the first row, being at this time the Bayer Leverkusen which is closer to sign a commitment to the international sub 21 Spanish. The price that has put the Croatian entity to achieve freedom is 25 million euros. In addition to Bayer Leverkusen, some other German team is more interested in him, as well as Roma. Both the player’s family and his representative, Juanma López, welcome the option of Bayer Leverkusen, a team that tends to take good care of young players, such as Dani Olmo.

The Spanish winger has been included in the ideal team of the Europa League this season, as well as taking his team, Dinamo Zagreb, to the conquest of the championship. Despite his youth, just turned 21, Olmo already knows what it is to win seven titles as a professional. It’s all because at the age of 17 he did not mind taking the adventure to go to Croatia to play, finding in Zagreb the ideal place for his growth. Dani Olmo went through the Espanyol youth academy, but it was when he was playing for Barcelona when he decided to change of airs and to emigrate to the Croatian soccer, where it has played in the four last seasons.