Ceferin considers unfair that a team that has played the semifinals must play the preliminary stage to be in the next edition


Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFA, announced in an interview with the British newspaper ‘The Times’ that the European football body is preparing a series of changes for the future. UEFA is studying the return of the qualifying system for the Champions League to avoid situations such as Ajax’s one that despite having competed in the semifinals of the continental competition, have not secured their presence in the next edition after conquering the title of League , since it will have to dispute the previous phase.

The proposal of Ceferin is that the clubs that reach the semifinals are assured their presence in the next edition of the Champions. He explained, “We would like to protect teams like Ajax this year, or Monaco and Leicester before, Ajax reached the semifinals this year and now they have to sell all their players because they do not know if they can qualify for the tournament. year. ”

Ceferin added: “I do not think we should protect too many clubs, but some of them.” One idea that is being considered is that clubs that reach a certain stage of the competition will ensure their participation for the following year. leagues and clubs. ”

The president of UEFA also advanced that is also studying the creation of a new competition that would make a single match to the champions of the European Championship and the Copa America. The tournament, he said, would be played on the sidelines of FIFA. “We have FIFA partners, not subordinates,” said FIFA for permission. “They have nothing to do with this,” he said before beating.