Germany 4-2 Romania: Germans reach Euro 2019 final after dramatic win


Gary Lineker has already said: “Football is a simple game. They play 11 against 11 and in the end Germany always wins. ” Of course, this assertion is well worth explaining what happened on Thursday in the first semifinal of the European Sub 21 of Italy and San Marino, in which the German team got rid of the contestant Romania to access the fight for the title. It was not easy for the ‘mini Mannschaft’ before the revelation of the tournament, but when everything seemed to walk towards the extension with 2-2 on the scoreboard, two goals in free kick plays at the edge of the area served to make Germany good forecasts that indicated him as favorite.

Amiri and Waldschmidt, with two goals each, the heroes of the German box

Those of Stefan Kuntz, nevertheless, had to sweat the fat drop to achieve it. In fact, literally, because the suffocating heat that both of them endured in the Renato Dall’Ara in Bologna was not a bit of turkey. So much so, that the first ‘cooling break’ arrived in the 15th minute, much earlier than usual when used.

Returning to the match itself, it should be noted that although Romania made the grade, the truth is that Germany took the handle from the start. And as a result of his dominance, he went ahead on the scoreboard in the 21st minute through Amiri, when he only scored a counterattack

Romania, however, much less surrendered, and with Ianis Hagi and George Puscas as bastions, reacted in the best possible way. First tied in the 26 ‘thanks to a penalty indicated after revision of the VAR and then in the 44’ by a header from Puscas himself had also materialized in goal the aforementioned penalty.

Ianis Hagi shone and Puscas made the goals of a Romania that is dismissed having been the great revelation of the tournament

After the restart Germany reacted, as expected, and in the 50th minute, after an innocent Hagi penalty over Dahoud, Waldschmidt made it 2-2 from 11 meters.

From there, there was a round trip, but with a greater sense of danger when attacking was Germany, which won a lot with the entry above Nmecha and ended up receiving the prize for the merits made with two goals from Waldschmidt and Amiri in the 90 ‘and 94’, both in free-kicks to the edge of the area.

Germany was the first team to qualify for the final while waiting for what happened next in Spain-Italy.