Manchester City Wins Premier League Title


There was never such a demanding Premier League, one in which offering a stratospheric performance might not serve to be a champion. It will count the same as any other in the track record, but Pep Guardiola may well remember with special care what is probably the hardest and most difficult league of the eight that he has won in his 10 seasons as a first level coach. Manchester City have needed 98 points and there has not been a single victory left, as they have felt the breath of a spectacular Liverpool until the end. The 97 harvested by the Reds would have served to win the 25 editions that were played between 1992 and 2017, but they have not been enough to prevent City from revalidating the title achieved last year, something that did not happen in the Premier for a decade .

Moreover, Liverpool has become the runner-up with more points than ever in the history of the five major European leagues, surpassing the 96 achieved by Real Madrid in the 2009/10 season. Jürgen Klopp’s team has been waiting for more than three months for a City failure to give him a breath, but the champion has been inflexible, with 14 consecutive victories since falling in Newcastle on January 30. On Matchday 29, after a draw by Liverpool at the home of his eternal rival, Everton, City grabbed the head of the competition after 13 weeks in second position to never let go.

“This is the level of the Premier League and Liverpool has helped us to be there all the time, to win the title we had to win 14 games in a row, for two or three months we could not lose a single point and we did it playing in all the competitions until the semifinals of the Champions League “, explained the Spaniard on Sky Sports. “It’s amazing, normally when you get 100 points, the tendency is to go down, but Liverpool has helped us to be regular, it was the most complicated title of my entire career,” Guardiola admitted.

With this title, the Catalan coach strengthens a project that governs in England despite repeated failures in the Champions League. The City has reached maturity after overcoming the usual process of clubs acquired by great fortunes of almost unlimited capital. Until the arrival of the Spanish coach, the whole citizen accumulated in his wardrobe stars signed without a rhyme or reason and at the touch of a checkbook thinking that this was enough to succeed. But with that, there’s the most recent story, it’s not enough.

Guardiola has given a football sense to all this monumental investment. In the City has implemented, with nuances, the style that allowed him to mark a time at the club and maintain the German hegemony at Bayern. Without renouncing the verticality of the Sterling, Sané and Agüero, their success has been based on the primacy of the players in the interior: Bernardo Silva, David Silva, De Bruyne and Gündogan … The contributions of Ederson in the goal and Laporte in the center of the rear complement the identity of a team with the ability to mark an era in England.
Things were not easy for City, unlike the previous season when he won the Premier with a 19-point lead over Manchester United’s second place. Liverpool has sold his skin very expensive, driven by Sala and Mane in attack. He has not won the Premier but still has the big prize, the Championship title to be played with Tottenham on June 1 in Madrid.

Behind the two best teams in this premier, Tottenham and Chelsea have won the Arsenal and Manchester United battles for the next champions. A race in which Unai Emery will play if he overcame Chelsea in the Europa League final. The third place for the second continental race is in the air at the expense of the FA Cup final on Saturday. If Watford handed the bell to the city (seeking the troika), he will play in Europe, forcing the United States to challenge three previous ones. Otherwise, the wolves will take their place (as the seventh place in the premiere) that will participate in the previous qualifiers. Below Cardiff, Fulham and Huddersfield fall at the Championship where they promote Norwich, Sheffield United and one between Leeds, WBA, Aston Villa and Derby County.