Messi relives his nightmares and Brazil eliminates Argentina

It does not matter to play well or badly, be better or worse, deserve it more or less. Messi’s nightmare with Argentina continues. The Barca player succumbed with the rest of the Albiceleste in a semifinal against Brazil in which some put the game and others the goals. One more blow for Leo, the ninth with his selection. One hard and painful, because this time Argentina did much more than in other occasions to take to Messi until his first trophy of selections.

It did not even need Brazil to be an excellent team to get rid of its staunch rival. There is no Brazil-Argentina without tension and this was more of the same. Each ball was a war to which the Argentines were like a spring, perhaps excessively accelerated from start to finish. Nor did the referee soothe them, Zambrano. The Ecuadorian was overcome and it cost him peace between swirling so much. CONMEBOL has a serious problem with arbitration and this was a new sample.

Brazil handled itself better in the mud, as Tite likes so much. The pressure was aggressive and Casemiro maintained that immunity to make mistakes that benefits his style of play. There was also a place for artists. One of them was Dani Alves, who stole a ball, turned it into a hat and opened the band on the move of the first Brazilian goal. Firmino focused on the area and Gabriel Jesus finished just to put the icing on the action of the magnificent right back. It’s hard to remember a better player than Alves in his position in the last decade and that’s still speaking to his 36 years.

To Argentina the goal turned his guts and the old ghosts began to fly over him. However, the reaction was good and allowed to see the best version of Messi in the tournament. Mixing well with the players above and appearing on all sides, the 10 made Argentina grow and was approaching the arch of Alisson. A center headed him Aguero to the crossbar in the best opportunity to tie. Shortly after they reconnected but both crossed a Brazilian defender in a miraculous way. Messi was alive and Argentina, too.
Because with Paredes in the handle and Messi as another midfielder, Brazil went wrinkling and decided to base his plan on locking himself in his shell waiting to be discovered at some point.

Judgment. Argentina clearly deserved to draw. Messi met again with the post and Scaloni put players with rennet Di Maria and Lo Celso. Messi himself missed the squad and Alisson shrugged with an insulting sufficiency. The passing of the minutes hurt Argentina, who looked confident and with guarantees of being able to draw.

But as if Tite had planned everything perfectly, as if fate awaited Messi once again and forever, a contra magnificently directed by Gabriel Jesus was used by Firmino to finalize the game. Neither the best Messi of the tournament nor the best possible Argentina could reverse an incorrigible situation: that of Messi and his team.