Mourinho: Porto can eliminate Liverpool!

Portugal’s Jose Mourinho believes Porto has the strength to eliminate Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

“The Special”, who won Porto’s most prestigious title in 2004, does not consider Liverpool an absolute favorite in the couple, as they are expected to focus on the Premier League.

Mourinho believes that his compatriot Sergio Conceição taught the lesson of last year when Porto lost from Liverpool 5-0.

FC Porto has real chances to win and be placed in the next stage. Compared to last season, Conceição has much more experience and I think we will find a way to fix the mistakes. I think both teams and last season can help Porto.

“Liverpool have a fantastic team and an individual class, but the fact that they fight on two fronts can prevent them, because Klop could not give up the best players before the swords with Porto,” Mourinho said.