Nadal: “I hope to play well again and win”

The number two in the world recognized that he had not played a good game against the Argentine Leonardo Mayer, but had resisted to achieve victory.
Rafa Nadal has needed almost three hours, 2h.50 ‘, to beat the Argentine Leonardo Mayer, number 63 of the ATP ranking by 6-7 (7), 6-4 and 6-2.

How do you rate the match?
I have been weak, but I won again and the ability to hold has been good and I have had the necessary attitude to achieve the goal.

Are you worried about something in particular?

I have not played well, but I worry about few things. I am in a complicated time, in moments that you are not like in other moments. I am not at my best, lately I have come back from a physical problem that has been accumulating and interruptions not only affect the physical issue, but also the mental one.

What output do you see this?

I hope that I will have good times and play well, that’s for sure.

When do you expect the change to arrive?

I do not believe in magic wands or changes in a short time. The changes must be paused by climbing step by step, recovering the essence of each one and that is the way, feeling as you are recovering sensations. For 18 months I have climbed some steps and then I lower them again for physical reasons. I wish I could climb that ladder.

Tomorrow he will face David Ferrer, who says goodbye to Godó in this edition. Nadal has always won in the tournament in five matches (four finals and a semifinal) and predicts “a beautiful match against a very good friend and one of the best players of the last ten or twelve years.”

It is true that it is a very special match, but it does not stop being a rival of the maximum demand and I will have to improve “, concludes Nadal.