Punishment to Neymar? Tite removes the captain’s bracelet and gives it to Dani Alves


Brazilian striker Neymar was stripped of the captain’s armband with his team, a condition that his teammate of Paris Saint-Germain Daniel Alves will assume for the next Copa América, by order of coach Tite. The coach informed Neymar of his decision on Saturday , when the attacker joined the concentration of the Canarinha, and a day later talked with Alves to communicate his new status, according to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) said in a statement on Monday.
The entity did not specify the reasons for the change, but everything seems to indicate that it is a punishment for the incident that led to the shirt to ’10’ in the final of the last Cup of France. Neymar, 27, gave a hard blow to an amateur who told him he did not know how to play football, when he was about to win the runner-up medal, a title that escaped PSG in the criminal shootout against the modest Rennes.
Since then, media and some ex-football players demanded the imposition of some kind of sanction for the former player of Santos and Barcelona, ​​including the possibility of leaving him out of the call for the Copa América, which will be held in Brazil from 14 June. Finally, Tite has chosen to strip him of the captain’s armband, which Neymar took definitively after the 2018 World Cup in Russia, thus breaking with the rotation system that worked since the technician took the reins of the five-time world champion. In this way, Daniel Alves will be captain of the Brazilian team in the upcoming friendlies against Qatar and Honduras and also during the Copa América 2019, to which Brazil arrives as the top favorite. Champion of the Copa América in 2007 and of the Copa Confederations in 2009 and 2013, the side is the player of the current cast with the highest number of calls (138). The players of the Brazilian team have On Monday, the day off after five days of work at Granja Comary, the training center of the CBF, located about a hundred kilometers from Rio de Janeiro. Tomorrow they will return to training.