Rafael Nadal on stunning comeback win over Medvedev at ATP Finals

Rafa Nadal signed an epic triumph against Daniil Medvedev in his second ATP Finals game, but is still burdened by the defeat suffered in his debut against AlexanderZverev. The stumble against the German forces him to win the third game of the group stage, which faces Stéfanos Tsitsipás on Friday, although a victory against the Greek does not guarantee him a spot in the next round.

The Balearic has gone from less to more in the tournament but must win their game and wait for Medvedev to surpass Zverev in the match they star on Friday night.

There is a circumstance that the Russian can be mathematically eliminated before jumping to the track, although it is true that he does not want to close his first participation in the Masters with a full defeat. In addition, a win would report 200 points for the ranking and an important economic prize that exceeds $ 200,000.

If Nadal and Zverev win their third game, the Spaniard would be out because the German is in favor of scoring his particular duel.

Nadal’s fight with NovakDjokovic to hold world number 1 at the end of the year is another issue that keeps fans of Manacor in suspense: “You don’t have to be hypocrites, Djokovic’s defeat means he can depend on me same, but one cannot be doing calculations all day, ”Nadal said after beating Medvedev.