Sevilla has suffered for a long time, but has won an important victory over Valladolid


Seville has kept all the chances of winning a place in the Top 4 after your success over Valladolid as a guest. The Andalusians beat 2-0, their success coming only at the end of the match. This will only make it sweet.

Roque Mesa and Mounir Haddad were heroes for his team with two house hits. And with them a place in this match came only in place from the fourth place and the battle for him until the end of the season.

From the beginning of the settlements it is warmly placed in a two-storey and near the opening of the river after 10 minutes of play. Then, after a corner kick, Gabriel Mercado rises above the defense and the head shot a great shot, but only the advanced beam with it.

Then you can find Fran France twice and Wism Ben Yedder from the court on the spot, but they were not accurate. Keko and Sergio Guardiola missed the rare opportunities for Valladolid and the status quo was preserved.

The village is equipped with 33 minutes. Ben Jeder then headed for a net and was delighted, but the review looked at the situation with the VAR, and the judgment was that the Frenchman had fired an attack by relying on that reason.

In the end, both teams retreat with a zero draw. And then the Andalucia players were more active and the pact was close to 50 minutes into the match, but the shot hit the crossbar.

In the middle of the second half the hosts were looking for a penalty. Daniel Carriso played with his hand when, after a general review of the situation with the BAR referral, he felt that there was no mind behind this action.

This is the way to the last minutes, when everything is solved. First of falling fell in the 85th minute when Eber Banega found Roque Mesa to box, that your discount position and arrow strongly near the post, leaving no chance for goalkeeper – finally 1: 0.

In the second minute all the time to include an intrigue. Then Brian Hill with perfect break for ovarshvane a nice position for Mounir El Hadadi about the point of the hole and the former Barcelona player scored with a good performance for 2: 0.

So Seville got 49 points, and this rejects his stamp position, only a fourth Getafe. Valladolid will fight to the end for his salvation, with his 30 being just one over the danger zone where the 29th village is located.