The Ajax show continues, after Real and Juve left


Ajax defeated Juventus as a 2: 1 guest and qualified for the Champions League semi-final. The Dutch broke their opponent after the break and showed that youth and less money are not vices in modern football.

The match started with a territorial advantage for the hosts, but it did not create any dangers at the door of Onana. The guests were good and after 15 minutes a few,
Cristiano Ronaldo again showed his class after corner corner after 28 minutes. The VAR review only legalized the score of 1-0.


Juventus lead lasted only 6 minutes. Donny van de Beek was just a finger’s breadth away from the left 34 minutes into the match. The ambush was covered by a defender near the tire. The video preview confirmed the impact of the equalizer.

By the break the pace rose, but a new hit never reached.
Juventus was a better team in the first 5 minutes of the second half. The Dutch repeated her Madrid game and completely defeated the Italian champion.

The quick score of the guests followed one after another and created a constant goal in front of the Scynic’s door. The guard has made an incredible salvation several times, leaving Juventus in the game.

At 67, the inevitable happened. Matias De Ligt overcame the Italian defense after a corner from Lasse Schöne. The ball bounced in the right corner of the door of the Szczesny after striking the ground.


The hosts tried some pressure, but Ajax’s controls were much more dangerous. The Dutch reached third goal through Zieich but the beautiful shot was canceled due to an ambush confirmed by VAR.

In the 90th minute Juventus players demanded a penalty for playing with Bled’s hand, but the fourth VAR in the game said, “No!”
Ajax’s young team again showed he played the most beautiful football in the current Champions League. This makes some specialists predict the Dutch final against Barcelona.

Juventus only relied on Cristiano Ronaldo, who, besides a goal, was remembered with a yellow card in the added time.