Tottenham – Manchester City. Prediction and announcement of the Champions League match

Will the new Spurs Arena be lucky for the team?
This season, English clubs play well in European competitions: 6 out of 7 teams that started in Europe are still competing. And at least one of them will reach the semi-finals of the Champions League, because the game has already been reduced to the quarterfinals of Tottenham and Manchester City.

“Citizens” continue to demonstrate their excellent form in recent times. Pep Guardiola players have already won the trophy, winning a Chelsea penalty in the League Cup final. In other tournaments they won the last 13 games in a row! The team reached the final of the FA Cup and intends to win both the national championship and the Champions League. There are chances and chances are not bad. However, Tottenham has its own capers.

In the match of the first round of the English Premier League, Moriceio Viszino’s team lost to the “citizens” at home with minimal results. This victory brought Manchester City ahead in full-time confrontation with Londoners: they now have 61 victories in 156 games, and Tottenham has 60 victories. played in domestic cup tournaments (in the European Cup, they will meet for the first time in history), and the capital traveled 9 times more. Here we add the fact that in European competitions, Manchester City played four times with English clubs – and all four defeats with a total score of 1: 7. Sir Alexis’s last defeat in the Champions League was only in England – they lost Liverpool in the last quarter-finals from 0: 3.

Tottenham other go-go is a new stadium. Tottenham Hotspur Stadium still took the official game – in the match of the Premier League, “Spor” beat Crystal Palace. Thus, the match against Manchester City will be the first European Cup match in the new arena. Of course, such a holiday cannot be spoiled by defeat, which means that the Pochettino team will have one more incentive not to lose face. Tottenham midfielder Hing Min on the eve of the fight said: “As for the new stadium, it will certainly make us stronger. Perhaps urban players are not aware of this, because they have been playing their home games all the time in their own arena, and we spent almost two years playing in someone else’s stadium. We really missed our scene. ”

Well, we note that Londoners deliberately prepared for this fight on April 3, while the “citizens” on Saturday held a tough match of the country’s 1/2 final against Brighton. Such a sophisticated schedule will eventually be felt, but so far the Guardiola team does not give an opportunity to doubt its strength. That is why we dare to assume that the City will not lose, at least, and the meeting will be productive: both teams will enjoy us with scored balls.